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Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset this summer!

Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset this summer!

Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset this summer!

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Ditch The All Or Nothing Mindset This Summer!

Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset this Summer!

Summer is meant to be lived – from beach days, to walks, to patios and time with family and friends. This means that your regular routines are likely pushed to the side but what if there was a way to still feel good this summer and also flex those confidence muscles!


I often hear from women that they feel like they ‘fall off’ and it does not have to be seen this way.  Instead, let’s reframe how we think about taking care of ourselves this summer


Ditch the All or nothing thinking

You don’t have to be doing all the things or nothing at all.  It’s important to find a balance where you enjoy this time of year but also still feel really good and empowered in your body. Let’s shift your thinking when it comes to maintaining a fitness routine for the summer….what if you saw your workouts as a way to actually help you live your best life tis summer?  How’s that you ask?


Working out will actually give you more energy to do all the things you want to do, help you bring mindfulness to your sleep, eating and movement and also helps you with your confidence as you show up for yourself in the best season of the year.  It also gives you the strength to be adventurous – whether that is going on a hike, going to the beach, running around with your kids and the list goes on!


Adjust how much you are working out if need be

There is no problem in adjusting your workouts for the summer – this could mean shorter workouts, this could be fewer workouts in the week – just find what works for you – you don’t need to be off or on – stay in your flow


Focus on the habits

When we stay in this all or nothing mindset it often means that not just our habit of working out changes or disappears, your other habits can also disappear. So, instead, continue to focus on the small daily habits that you know make you feel the best.  This could mean making sure you are hydrated, that you are nourishing your body regularly through the day, prioritizing self care, and so on.  Pick the habits that make you feel your best and see it as a way that you are prioritizing yourself through the summer. I usually recommend focusing on 1-3 habits at a time to make them feel more natural part of your day – and don’t forget that habit stacking is one of the best ways to help you stay on point with your habits.  That means adding a habit onto an already existing natural habit – so for example if you want to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, do it right after you brush your teach – it acts as a trigger for your new habit.


This all sounds well and good right? 

I know that this all sounds easy -but it isn’t always and that’s exactly why I created the 8 week summer challenge to help you prioritize yourself this summer.  Here’s what the challenge includes:

  • Access to my app to help you’re your wellness journey with a personalized dashboard
  • 2 scheduled workouts per week (video follow along workouts with modifications provided)
  • 10 Extra Quick and Dirty Workouts for those days you may feel like adding workouts
  • Track up to 3 custom habits to work on for the summer
  • Weekly Reflection Prompts
  • Private Group Chat for all participants

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