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Sarah Taylor / Personal Trainer, Plus Model, Body Positive Advocate

Why Choose fitness by sarah taylor?

all bodies are welcome

As a plus size woman my whole life, I know what it's like to go into a gym and have people stare and judge. At my gym, ALL bodies are welcome.  Whether you are looking for 1 x 1 Personal Training (Mobile, Virtual or at my studio) or Group Fitness, I got you covered!

Personalized workouts

I also have suffered injuries from a car accident and know that having a personalized workout and or fitness class is key. Learning to listen to our bodies and adjust as we go is so important.

No pressure

At Fitness by Sarah Taylor, we're not at the gym to look a certain way. We're there to get our bodies moving in a safe space, and have FUN.

Discover Our Classes

Classes are offered 4 times a week 

Each class will be different

Each class will incorporate a variety of strength, cardio, stretching exercises.  We aim to have you leaving a class energized, confident and feeling like the incredible woman you are!

All classes offer all levels

All classes offer modifications for all exercises so that we can accommodate all fitness levels - so whether you are just starting out in your fitness journey or you have been on this journey for a while, this class is for you!

Leave each class inspired

We hope you leave each class inspired to take on each new day while getting your body moving.  Classes will vary but will include a combination of body weight exercises, using weights, resistance bands, and partner work.

all bodies are welcome

And the best part? ALL bodies are welcome in EVERY class. Every workout will allow for a variety of fitness abilities & levels for each movement. All are welcome!

 Joanne Fraraccio 

 Personal trainer client 


Training with Sarah is an incredibly positive experience.  I’ve had the opportunity to have personal and group training sessions with Sarah and she truly embodies the characteristics you look for in a trainer – motivation, positive energy and encouragement. I really like how Sarah offers modifications to fit all athletic levels and abilities while still challenging you to work hard and reach your goals and fosters a body confidence environment.

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