Sarah Taylor Named one of Glamour Magazine’s Top Fitness Women to Follow

I am so honoured and excited to share that Glamour Magazine featured me in a bad ass line up of Inspiring Women to Follow On Instagram.

If 13 year old me knew that Glamour Magazine would feature me as a Plus Size Personal trainer – I’d tell ya you were lying!

Now there are a couple really cool things about this….

First off….listen to what the author of the article had to say about fitness and self love,

“Today the fitness women leading the charge on Instagram couldn’t care less about achieving a certain body ideal. Their metric for success isn’t the number of abs you can achieve but learning more about what makes your body feel good and what makes you feel good in your body. Sure, exercises to get your endorphins pumping and eating in a way that fuels your body (which, spoiler alert, is not just salads 24/7) will remain a staple of the best female fitness accounts on Instagram. But as these fitness women prove, health and fitness are best when paired with a whole lot of self-love. “

Now – talk about change starting to happen. This is why I’m so loud, why I keep talking about self love and I will keep preaching it! Change is happening.

The other thing that is pretty cool is that the day before this was released was personally a very, very difficult day for me and had me questioning whether I keep running my virtual studio or not. You see, there is a lot of financial pressure after closing our in person studio but still having to pay back the $100k that went into having the studio.

This was a little reminder that what I’m doing is important, that my voice is being heard and that I have to keep going. Sometimes we get signs like this and I think it’s important to listen to them, honour them and hang onto them in celebration. So, here I am, celebrating with you .

If you want to check out my super emotional video about all of this ,head over to my instagram

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