Grand Opening of Fitness By Sarah Taylor – DOWNTOWN Toronto!


On January 15th, we’ll be opening up the second location of Fitness by Sarah Taylor, yeah!!

Our second location is at 693 Bloor Street West (at the corner of Bloor and Clinton).  We will be open 6-7 days per week and will offer multiple class times per day and several class types from strength, cardio, Zumba, Yoga, Hip Hop Dance classes and we’ll also have workshops all year long on all things Self-Love, Confidence and so much more!

 Our Grand Opening week, we’ve got a whole week of awesomeness planned – we’ll be offering Free Classes all week – click HERE to set up your account and register for classes all week long, for FREE! 

Part of the awesomeness of this week is this month’s partnership with Adidas – we’ve scored 50% off at the Adidas Corporate Store from January 18-31, 2019. Click HERE to download your special invite and see all the details.


With another new year ringing in, everywhere we look we see “New Year, New me!” Young, Canadian Entrepreneur, Sarah Taylor challenges that notion and instead encourages women to star the Journey to Self-Love – “New Year, New View”.

 January is the busiest month for gyms across the country, but most gyms fail to address the issues that women face every day beyond finding the time in their busy schedules to get a workout in.  Fitness by Sarah Taylor, whose inaugural location opened in the West End of the city in March of 2018, aims to help their clients live their best lives while focusing not just on their bodies but their minds and hearts – which includes their confidence and self-love at the root of it all.

I know what it’s like as a plus size woman to walk into a gym and feel intimidated, not know what to do and not return.  I am passionate about helping women see their value, worth, and living their best lives – body, mind and soul and part of that includes taking up space in the gym and enjoying it.  But there is so much more to a happy life than just hitting the gym or losing weight, one must truly love the woman they are.  Having survived an abusive marriage, I know what it is like to walk through the journey to self-love and out of my deepest pain, my destiny was birthed to help other women walk the same journey.


Sarah Taylor is the president of Fitness By Sarah Taylor, Personal Trainer, Former Miss Plus Canada, Plus Size Model, Blogger and Motivational Speaker.  

Sarah openly shares her journey of surviving abuse, self-hatred and sadness to thriving in a place of joy and self-love to give other women hope that they too can overcome anything and see beauty in themselves.  She has learned that being an athlete has no size and her mission is to help women on their journeys to live their best lives – body, mind and soul.

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