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My New Favorite Salad

I don’t know about you but sometimes trying something new can seem intimidating.  Whether it’s trying on a new style, trying a new exercises, wearing a crop top for the first time or playing around with new foods.  

For most of my life I struggled with having a good relationship with food.  I had really disordered eating and at one point I just focused on how many calories were in something.  Well those days are gone and I’ve learned to have more of the foods that make me feel good and I try and avoid the ones that make me feel crummy (inflammation, going to the bathroom too much, an upset tummy, a foggy head, etc). 

One of the things I’ve fallen in love with this year is trying new recipes and different ways to have foods I love.  One of my new fav foods is beets.  I had never cooked a beet in my life until quarantine and now they are one of my fav veggies and I’ve got a super easy recipe fo you to try! I actually shared this on my stories on Instagram this week and so many of you asked me to start sharing some of my favourites. So, here we are!

The recipe is below – its really only 3 ingredients (with an optional 4th).  If you try it out, be sure to tag me in your stories on IG and let me know what you thought.

Never cooked beats before…2 easy options:
Boil them – make sure to keep adding water – you know they are done when you stick a fork in them and they are soft – kinda how potatoes cook

Bake them – peel them, cut them up before you cook them, put them on a baking sheet with some parchment paper or wrap them in tin foil – bake at 400 degrees for 50-60 minutes – you can check on them throughout as well. 

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