Plus Size Fitness on Breakfast Television


Growing up I never saw representation of my plus size body in fashion or fitness so I was elaited when Breakfast Telvision invited me to do a fitness segment on their show!  

It was such an amazing experience and it was so imporant for me to showcase some of my amazing clients as well and show how plus size bodies move and can be confident (hense our amazing crop tops).  Special thanks to Amanda McQuillin and Kari Kemp for joining me and working out through the whole segment. 

Thank you to the whole team at Breakfast Television who was so encouraging and empowering.  Prior to starting the segment so many of the team shared how impactful my story was and how inspiring it was to hear of our space and community and now needed our approach is, in a world where women are constnatly told they are not enough and need to fit some silly mold of what society deems enough. 

At Fitness By Sarah Taylor we pride ourselves in allowing for all fitness levels to participate in 1 class - this means we provide modifications for all exercises, a little more rest than most bootcamps and an atmosphere of self love & confidence.  We incorporate self love and confidence coaching in our program and are focused on helping women build their confidence and strength - in and out of the gym. 

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