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The New Year is a great time to set some intentions for your year and to develop some new ‘habits’ to help you live life to the fullest in 2020 (I’m not a big fan of New Years Resolutions, but I love setting intentensions and getting clearer vision for what lies ahead.  With that said, developing a new fitness routine doesn’t have to be at the new year.  You can estabilish a routine anytime of the year. 
Check out our segment on Cityline below as I share 3 simple exercises to jumpstart your fitness routine.  Also, check out some more of my tips when it comes to developing your fitness routine. 
1. Set your intentions – what are your goals?  Do you want to build your strength, feel better, get better sleep, help manage anxiety?  All these are the effects of incorporating fitness into your life. 
2. Decide how many times you’d like to realistically work out each week.  New years is often the time we go all or nothing which is not sustainable so consider how many times you can realistically add fitness in your schedule.  This is also a good time to find out where you want to work out – will you work out at home, or at the gym or join a gym that provides group fitness classes like mine.  
3. Make yourself a schedule – I always recommend spending some time on Sunday afternoons/evenings to plan out the upcoming week.  Start with the commitments you have to make – like work, family commitments, dr’s appointments, etc and then fill in where you can work out.  When you write out a plan (or put it in your phone calendar) it makes your intention clear and helps you follow through.  
4.  Consider your workouts your dates with yourself – or like an important meeting.  You wouldn’t skip out on these so make a commitment to yourself to follow through
5. Listen to your body – if you are just getting back into a fitness routine start slow and remember that you are using new muscles so you might be sore, this is normal and gets better as you keep going – so this is the time to learn to listen to your body, show it some love, get extra water, sleep and stretching in. 
6. Have grace on yourself – things do come up so if you miss a workout, don’t shame yourself about it, just find another gap in your schedule to make up for that workout and get it in. You will start to see the benefits of having a new fitness routine like better sleeps, clearer head, lower anxiety, more clarity and more energy.  Starting a fitness journey is an expression of self love to learn to enjoy it by finding things you enjoy doing. 
You got this girl!
Stay Beautiful, 
Sarah xoxo

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