STrong & Empowered
in 2023

Looking to start your Fitness & Self Love Journey? 

Join Sarah’s new 6 month program designed to help you get strong & empowered AF!

In this program we will journey together for 6 months to help you ditch the all or nothing mentality, develop healthy habits to support the life you want!

Sarah is an award winning plus size personal trainer who has helped thousands of women on their journey to self-love. She will teach you how to start your wellness journey and how to consistently show up for yourself.

Registration is now open but spots are limited – We start start on July 3, 2023 (this program is only offered 2x/year)

Let's Get Strong & Empowered!

This program has been designed with love from Sarah to help you get strong and empowered!

You don’t need any fancy equipment for your workouts – but we do recommend some dumbbells and optional resistance bands – and of course your beautiful body.

Here's what your 6 month program includes!

6 months of workouts

This program is based on 3 days per week of strength training.  You will have the option to choose from follow along video workouts or pre-designed workouts that change each month and progressively change each week to help you increase your strength.  All workouts have modifications!

what's included?

It’s important to make this as easy as possible for you!  Everything from your workouts, your habits, planning reminders, check ins, etc will all be seen on your personal dashboard in the app. You will also be able to personalize habits you want to track or put in a request to make changes to your fitness program.

Your Own Cheer Squad

See how amazing you are through the eyes of our team.  We’ll help you navigate your Journey to Self Love and walk with you as you build your confidence and strength. Plus – you get access to our group chat for others who are doing this program too!


6 Month Coaching Program

Monthly Payment
$ 197 CDN ($145 USD) + Tax
  • Everything to help you prepare to start and tools to support you each week to keep you on track for your goals!
  • 6 months of workouts and self love coaching to help you get strong & empowered
  • Access to our app with private group chats for members, extra wellness tools and more!
  • Access to coaching calls

6 Month Coaching Program

One Time Payment
$ 997 ($735 USD) + Tax
  • Save 15% when you pay for 6 months up front!
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Ability to customize habits you want to track as well as workouts
  • Learn how to create habits that you can keep doing on your own!
  • Be apart of a community to support your goals
  • And so much more!

What is this all about?

Why Coach with Sarah?

I know what it’s like as a plus size woman to want to make a change and have no idea where to start.  I have learned how transform my life and my client’s lives through the power of self love.  

This program will help you find a way to consistently move your beautiful body, show yourself some love and enjoy the journey. 

On Demand Library

Why is this program different?

This program is more than just fitness.  The goal of this program is to teach you how to create the life you want to live.  We start by setting your intentions, checking in each week, setting aside time to plan and prepare for the upcoming week and we put in the work not just physically with your workouts but also matters of the heart as we focus on the journey to self love and creating habits to support the life you desire. 

Support for your Success

Ditch the all or
nothing Thinking!

Are you tired of trying to change everything in your life all at once and not seeing those changes last?  Are you tired of going extreme and being disappointed you can’t commit to more than 3 days?  

Are you ready to make long lasting change that doesn’t feel overly difficult?  Then this is the program for you.  Not only will we seek balance, I am going to teach you how to do this on your own beyond our 6 months together.

NO MORE trying to figure it
all out by yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having any technical issues, please email us at: or submit a question on our contact form.  We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Our live classes and workshops are hosted on zoom you will register for classes in the app and then join via zoom (on your phone, computer, tablet, etc).  On demand classes you can watch right within the app and you can also cast with chrome cast, apple tv and other devices. 

This program is a 6 month commitment.  When you sign up for monthly payments you will pay monthly for 6 months and when you pay up front you save $ and only get charged once. 

Each class is pretty unique (we like to keep it fresh) but we follow a similar format for all our strength and cardio classes.  Classes are about an hour and we start with a warm up, get into our workout (we always show you what we are doing for each circuit and we provide modifications before we even start.  And then we stretch together.  Those who want to chat before class or after class are welcome to and we are here for additional support if you need it. Our Quickie and Express classes are all under 30 minutes and do not include a stretch at the end.

You don’t need special equipment for classes but we definitely do recommend having a few things.  Click HERE (SEE pdf titled Fitness By Sarah Taylor Equipment Recommendations_Updated) For a list of recommendations – that you can purchase and even things you may have laying around at home.

No problem!  That’s why we have our On Demand Library for you!  This way you always have access to new workouts – whether live or on demand!  If you register for a class and cannot show up, no need to cancel either. 

No.  That choice is up to you!  You also have the opportunity to chat with our community before and after classes and ask for additional support if you need it. 

We got you!  We know what it is like starting a new fitness journey.  It can be intimidating and scary but we’ve worked hard to think of how to make this a smooth transition.  And because we provide modifications for all workouts (and take requests if you need additional ones), it means that beginners through to advanced can enjoy our workouts!


Looking to connect with Sarah or have any questions, reach out to us and Sarah will get back to you shortly.