Fitness By Sarah Taylor

Learning to fully love myself has been one of the most challenging endeavours of my life. When I hit my mid 20’s I grew too self conscious and lost my confidence to play sports. I’ve gone to gyms over the years, but nothing would stick.

Finding this community was a breath of fresh air. I was surrounded by amazing women and Sarah is inspiring AF. I thrive in the space she has created and appreciate the diverse modifications and programming she offers. Through Sarah, I was able to strengthen an old injury and reconnect to my favourite sport (rugby) which I hadn’t played in 15 years!

Fitness by Sarah Taylor is unique and her focus on self love reminds me daily of my own value. If you’re new to the game, have been out of it a while, or a looking for a change, I suggest you try a class because you won’t be disappointed. Instead of fixating on unhealthy metrics, I relish in feeling stronger and more energized each day