The Power of “I AM”


I hated myself, I didn’t like anything about me - except my hair.  I always had great hair.  But, that was it - or so I thought.  I had a negative tape that played through my head that told me I was fat, ugly, not enough, I had no value, I wasn't worth anything, I wasn't good at anything and the tape just played allllll day long!

Until, I took back my power and started to make changes.  If you read the last blog - I talk about journaling and the importance in getting things out on paper that were inside.  If you haven't read it - take a read HERE.

But, the next step for me to make a big difference in my life was affirmations.  Now, if you are anything like me, your as skeptical as I was.  So let me tell you how I started but also the day I realized they worked…

So, I was at a conference with my mom and my now best friend.  It was a intimate conference which focused on inner healing which, well I needed so desperately post divorce.  In one of the last sessions the teacher called on us for a volunteer for basically a demonstration on affirmations - my hand shot up so fast (its like I knew this was about to change my life).  So, in a room full of people I didn’t know (except my mom and bestie who cried the whole time this was happened and wrote everything down) I sat on stage with this man who proceeded to ask all the attendees to list out the qualities they saw in me - keep in mind I didn’t know any of these people.  People shouted out:

 She's a princess (that’s what Sarah actually means)

She is so strong

She is beautiful

She is a warrior

She carries peace

 And….so it went on.  I sat there sobbing - how could a room of people who didn’t know me see these amazing things in me.  My mom (bless her heart) wrote down everything people said.  When they were done, the teacher said, now what I want you to do is the next 6 months I want you to read this list (and anything else you want to add to it) but instead of she is…I want you to say I am in front of it.  I went home feeling encouraged but also not realizing the impact that day had on my journey to build my confidence and strength.

 So, the next morning I looked at myself in the mirror and I started reading out these things - I added to it too - things I wanted to be, attributes I so desperately wanted to identify with and believe in about myself. I felt hella weird - let me tell ya - it was soooo awkward.  But, I was determined to do this.  I ended up making my affirmations my desktop on my computer and putting them beside my bed too - just so I had a constant reminder of them everywhere.

  So for 6 months I did this….changes started to happen, I started to gain more confidence, my steps in life were much more secure and then the lightbulb went on in all it's glory.



I was on my way to one of my besties new apartments to help her unpack.  I've known her for over 20 years.  It was a beautiful summer day, and I was driving in the country and I looked in my rearview mirror and for the first time in my 30 years of life I said out loud - I am beautiful and I love me.  And then the tears just flowed.  It was the first time I actually said this and believed it, truly. 

I pulled myself together and get up to Katherine's apartment - clearly puffy and red eyes and she's like what happened?  So I tell her about my experience on the way to her place and she says…are you ready for it…. Like this is soooo cool….

 "I was unpacking and found my journal from Bible college"

Now - this was about 10 years prior to this day happening …

"And in it, this morning, I found my prayer for you - that you would learn to love yourself"

 I started sobbing again - we both did.  How amazing that for years, my friends and family have been praying for this day and the day I finally got to this place, this happens.  It is one of my favourite memories of life!

 It's also the reason I encourage so many of my clients, friends, followers, etc to do them.  They are sooooo impactful!!!

 So, how do you apply this to your life?  Well first, you need to create your affirmations so here's a good place to start on creating your affirmations:

 ·       Qualities that you love (or at least like) about yourself

·       Qualities that if you do not posses but you would like to (for example, if you do not feel like a strong woman but that is a goal of yours, put down Strong Woman

·       Features on your body that you like or that you want to grow to love

·       The positive words that people in your life say about you (you might not believe them yet but you desire to)

Here are some things to keep in mind as you write:

·       At the top of your page write “I am” – these will be statements you will declare over yourself

·       Make sure affirmations are positive and not negative

·       Be specific – For example, elaborate on “I am a good woman” – what does a good woman possess?

·       Replace the lies you have believed with truth about who you are

Now, you need to put them in action:

Put them on your mirror and every monning, look yourself in your eyes and repeat "I am" followed by each affirmaiton.  Do this every morning and if you need a pick me up, do it during the day and even before bed and take notice to the changes over the next few weeks and months.  It is important to be consistent with it - so add it to your calendar if that helps.

Cheers to seeing how amazing you are!

To download a template to start your affrimations from my Self Love and Fitness Journal click HERE.

Photos by Rebecca Northcott Photography


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