Meet Your trainers


Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is the president of Fitness By Sarah Taylor, Personal Trainer, Former Miss Plus Canada, Plus Size Model, Blogger and Motivational Speaker.  

Sarah openly shares her journey of surviving abuse, self-hatred and sadness to thriving in a place of joy and self-love to give other women hope that they too can overcome anything and see beauty in themselves.  She has learned that being an athlete has no size and her mission is to help women on their journeys to live their best lives – body, mind and soul.

Sarah teaches Mondays and alternating Wednesdays. 


Jennifer Duvivier – AKA Mama J

Mama J has been on quite the journey – confidence, self-love and strength.  She was one of the first members at Fitness by Sarah Taylor and truly embodies the heart of all we do.  She was so passionate, that she decided she wanted to help change the world we live in for women and become a group fitness instructor.  Mama J brings a dynamic energy, perseverance and strength not only to her workouts but her personalized approach to teaching her classes.    

Mama J teaches Fridays, Saturdays and some Wednesdays.