Welcome to Fitness By Sarah Taylor!

Fitness By Sarah Taylor offers 2 ways to get your body moving:

1 x 1 Personal Training and Group Fitness

Sarah Taylor - P​​​​ersonal Trainer 


Each class will incorporate a variety of strength, cardio, stretching exercises.  We aim to have you leaving a class energized, confident and feeling like the incredible woman you are!


All classes offer modifications for all exercises so that we can accommodate all fitness levels - so whether you are just starting out in your fitness journey or you have been on this journey for a while, this class is for you!


We hope you leave each class inspired to take on each new day while getting your body moving.  Classes will vary but will include a combination of body weight exercises, using weights, resistance bands, and partner work.


Packages include:
-Customized Wellness Plan based on YOUR goals
-Focus on Body, Mind and Soul
-My unique Heart Centered Approach to Fitness
-A Copy of my Body Love Fitness Journal
-Exclusive Membership Access and MORE!

Send Sarah an email info@fitnessbysarahtaylor.com or call 647.400.0460

to book a FREE Consultation


And the best part? ALL bodies are welcome in EVERY class. Every workout will allow for a variety of fitness abilities & levels for each movement. All are welcome!


90 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Etobicoke, ON.  The gym is located on the 2nd Floor inside the Westwood Arena

There is lots of free parking (there is parking around the back of the building as well). Make your way up to the 2nd Floor and Follow the Signs for Fitness By Sarah Taylor and SportSide Medical

Personal Training options are available in gym, as well as your home or condo gym.

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I have been attending Fitness by Sarah Taylor classes since she opened. Training with Sarah has been absolutely life changing for me. Mind, Body and Soul.  When you come to her class you will feel welcomed, safe and never judged. You work at your own speed and fitness level and leave class feeling so great and accomplished. Sarah  provides personal attention to all her clients in a group setting. Even though it has only been a short time I notice a big change in my strength level and have never felt better in my 47 year old body. 


I have pushed my self to new limits, which includes flipping a truck tire across the room. Sarah is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of fitness training for women of all shapes and sizes. She teaches you to love yourself from the within and to keep moving forward no matter what stands in your way! I would recommend Fitness by Sarah Taylor  in a heartbeat, She is such a inspiration and so motivating! 


Hi Sarah

Yet another great class last night! I loved the hack squats!!! and of course the tire lol. And ball slams are lovely too !

I have to tell you that on Sunday i got on a bike and rode 5km no problem with my son and husband- i could not believe it! I haven't been able to do that EVER. So thank YOU !

Its been two months and i cant believe the difference in my ability to do everyday things.


Fitness by Sarah Taylor ....

What can I say, I wish she came into my life years ago! This is the first time in all the years of walking into a gym, fitness center, community aerobics class, etc., where I didn't want to crawl under a rock. The second I walked through the door on the night of my first class, I knew I belonged here. No judgement, no pressure, no fear of trying to blend into the crowd! Here we stand tall, we embrace our differences, our challenges and our accomplishments. Sarah and all the women that attend are wonderful, strong and very encouraging. 


I now enjoy and look forward to getting my sweat on ( and boy does Sarah really know how to get you moving) and I don't fear what people will think of me.  Since I've joined, I have noticed a change in my energy levels, I've been getting a more restful sleep and I don't wake up feeling exhausted. More importantly, a clearer mind and stronger body.


I encourage everyone to attend, I promise 

you'll be hooked!


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Sarah Taylor is a Personal Trainer, Plus Size Model, Blogger, Beauty Diversity Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Former Miss Plus Canada (2014-201​5​) and the Assistant Editor at FabUplus Magazine.

Her journey has taken her in directions she never expected, and one of those led her to obtaining Personal Training Certification. Sarah is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She has learned that being an athlete has no size and her mission is to help women on their journeys to their best lives – body, mind and soul. Her passion is to help women see their true beauty regardless of their weight.

Sarah openly shares her journey of surviving abuse, self-hatred and sadness to thriving in a place of joy and self-love to give other women hope that they too can overcome anything and see beauty in themselves. Follow Sarah Taylor’s Journey on her blog HERE.

Want to know a little more about Sarah’s story, check out this video!


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Interested in Group Fitness Classes or 1 x 1 training with Fitness by Sarah Taylor or if you If you’d like to contact us with any questions, please fill out the below form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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