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Hi, I'm Sarah Taylor.

I'm here to get your Beautiful body moving!

Plus Size Women should be able to see kick ass bodies like theirs working out - no matter their size!

I'm here to shake up what online fitness classes look like!

  • Get trained by a body that looks like yours
  • Trainers who know how a plus size body moves while working out
  • Importance of moving your body wherever you are in your fitness journey, even in a pandemic
  • Confidence & Strength are an inside job
  • Ridiculously Budget friendly option!

It's time for Plus Size Women to feel confident and strong while working out - and I'm here to make that happen!

I'm a Plus Size Personal Trainer, Plus Size Model, Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Former Miss Plus Canada, Body Positive Advocate and Fitness Expert on Cityline.

Want to know more about Sarah Taylor's Journey, check out this her blog !

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What Our community is saying ...


The class was fantastic and I love the positive environment with all the inspiring messages throughout the gym. The way the class was structured with the breaks and modifications was good and the way the classes were ended with each person talking about themselves was so refreshing. It humanizes everyone and I think the more you know about other people, the more you can connect and be a part of something greater than yourself. I will definitely be back for more classes.



It’s been two months and I can’t believe the difference in my ability to do everyday things.



Hi Sarah,
I really enjoyed your class. It made me feel very comfortable and I didnt feel embarrassed to do any moves. I always have a fear of people watching me and judging my size. I feel right at home in your studio.
I will be at your 5:30 class tonight! Cant wait to workout with you for a whole year!



I can’t recommend Fitness by Sarah Taylor ENOUGH!
Never have I been able to get a KILLER workout (I like to workout hard) with a trainer who understands my body and designs workouts and movements with the plus size body in mind.

Yeah…no more raising my hand every 5 min asking for a modification and explaining why these thick thighs can’t do what everyone else in the class is doing.
Sarah Taylor caters to all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels, beginners, those who want to rock hard or take it slow….and ALL WOMEN are welcome.



Training with Sarah has been absolutely life changing. I have never felt better.



This gym, and Sarah especially, has completely changed my life. It has done wonders for how I feel about myself, my mental health and helped me realize that being strong is a good feeling.

The community is so welcoming and every class is ACTUALLY fun! Which still shocks me because I’ve never been to a gym that I actually can’t wait to get back to.

Highly recommend, and can’t wait to see what comes next.



Learning to fully love myself has been one of the most challenging endeavours of my life. When I hit my mid 20’s I grew too self conscious and lost my confidence to play sports. I’ve gone to gyms over the years, but nothing would stick.

Finding this community was a breath of fresh air. I was surrounded by amazing women and Sarah is inspiring AF. I thrive in the space she has created and appreciate the diverse modifications and programming she offers. Through Sarah, I was able to strengthen an old injury and reconnect to my favourite sport (rugby) which I hadn’t played in 15 years!

Fitness by Sarah Taylor is unique and her focus on self love reminds me daily of my own value. If you’re new to the game, have been out of it a while, or a looking for a change, I suggest you try a class because you won’t be disappointed. Instead of fixating on unhealthy metrics, I relish in feeling stronger and more energized each day



The second I walked through the door, I knew I belonged here. I promise you’ll be hooked!



More than a gym, Fitness by Sarah Taylor is a loving community of women who support each other on their journey to self-love. Going to a class here feels less like working out and more like having fun and feeling good with your best girlfriends. There is a strict no diet talk policy and you will work out with women of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. The trainers provides modifications to exercises so you do what feels good for your body and you are encouraged to listen to your body’s needs, which can also mean taking longer breaks. I can’t recommend this gym enough, I’ve really learned to love to move my body and feel confident in my skin. Thank you Sarah Taylor for the hard work you have put into creating this amazing space and community!



My first class was a terrific experience and I am absolutely going to sign up for the 6 week challenge! It was a comfortable environment, the music was great and I appreciated the corrections on form. It was not only fun but it made my body and my mind feel good which is my ultimate goal.
I was also amazed at the stress relief I got out of it. I have a difficult time not taking work home with me at times and this acted as a great buffer which allowed me to leave the day and focus on myself for the evening.

Thanks for creating such a warm space and for welcoming me!