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Sarah’s Fitness + Self Love Tracker

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards self-love, inner strength, and empowerment? Sarah’s Fitness + Self Love Tracker is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Do you feel like you have tried everything and yet you aren’t seeing change in your life?

Sarah has taught thousands of women how to ditch the all or nothing mentality and work on creating healthy habits to add to your life. If you are ready to take the first step and be personally coached by Sarah, using the very tools she has on her fitness and self-love journey for over 10 years. Coach with Sarah 1:1 to learn how to create lasting change in your life. 



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"Hey Sarah! Thought of you today when I was kayaking in the ocean! I went by myself ....but doing physical activity in front of others by myself? And having fun? I was like I need to tell Sarah lol. It was so freeing to have fun and just focus on the fun, and when I noticed I was doing that, it was like - yeah this is awesome. This week makes 2 years since I started working out with you - talk about small steps leading to big changes." -Amanda, community member

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"I had said to myself at the beginning of this month that I want to get more steps in on a daily basis. At first I thought I would do 5,000 a day for a week and then keep steadily increasing it. And then I thought, "I think that's too fast. Let's do 5,000 steps a day for a month and make sure it's sustainable before I increase it" I think what you've been saying is finally in my mindset. So I wanted to make sure you knew the impact of your words." -Nadine, community member

What Our Community Is Saying

"Thanks for the amazing workout Sarah! I found the pace enjoyable to keep up to and I felt strong the whole time. Unlike other videos in the past which I ended up stopping from feeling inadequate compared to the instructor but this was fabulous!! I can't wait for next week's." -Gwen, community member

What Our Community Is Saying

"I look back at past weekly check-ins and it is crazy how up and down my entries are. This journey has been such a Rollercoaster emotionally so far. I see my mind fighting with itself to focus on the future and the habits we are wanting to create against old habits and emotions. I tried to really focus on your advice about being present this week as well and I think that has helped me notice these changes. I also had some events this week where I just let loose and embraced the moment. I wanted to make sure I soaked in every last minute I had with my family. I had some pretty amazing times this week and I haven't had that in a long time. Huge thank you for constantly helping me work through thought patterns!!" -Tara, 1:1 empowered client

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"I just did my first class and wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to do a class where somebody understands how difficult traditional movements can be when your heavier set. I loved having different options/modifications and understanding what certain movements worked on. Can't wait to do another one tomorrow! Thanks again," -Amber (community member)

What Our Community Is Saying